How does it feel to be gay?

I've recently ran across one of Brian McNaught's preview videos on YouTube, "How does it feel to be gay?". Skillfully aiming at homophobia and heterosexism with a non-threatening but highly-effective personal presentation on the isolation of growing up as a gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, his video is from far one of the best exercise videos I've ever seen.

For some reasons, the original video has been removed. In spite of all my unsuccessful attempts to find this video somewhere else online, there's still a great satisfaction in tweeting about it at the right time and having nearly 170 people seen the video prior to its removal.

And the best part of it is that someone else was inspired enough to write down Brian McNaught's speech and record it again. There are many elements missing, and the most important of all is the interaction Brian McNaught had with his audience. But it definitely worth listening to it even under this form.

However, the original 57 min. "Growing Up Gay & Lesbian" video Brian McNaught recorded (including "How does it feel to be gay?") can be purchased from Diversity Guides' website and can be used especially as an educational resource in corporations, churches, and schools.


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