Iran: Three Men Await Execution for Alleged Homosexual Conduct When Children

Three men accused in separate cases of committing homosexual acts when they were under age 18, have been sentenced to death by Iranian courts.

The courts sentenced all three to death despite lacking the evidence required to convict under Iran's shari'a-based criminal code. For example, in at least two cases there were no confessions, nor witnesses against the men. However, the code also allows judges to use their "knowledge" in determining guilt where no such evidence is available, a dangerously broad provision.

Putting minors – including those who committed their offense while they were a minor - to death violates international law. No date has been set for their execution, but the lawyer representing two of the men fears it could happen any day.

Iran leads the world in executing juvenile offenders.

Read more on Human Rights Watch website.

The Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees makes an urgent call to all human rights organizations to oppose these executions and the Iranian law against homosexuals.


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