51% of gay families prefer company of other gay people while on holiday

A recent survey has found that 51% of gay families prefer to go on holiday with other gay people, ideally other gay families.

London, England -- A survey of gay and lesbian parents undertaken by Rainbow Family Holidays has found that more than half of the men and women surveyed preferred the company of similar families when on holiday.

When asked “If you had the choice of whom you holiday with, would you choose to go with other gay & lesbian families, with mixed (straight & LGBT) families, with an LGBT group (not just families) or with just your family”, the largest number said they would choose other gay and lesbian families.

Children do seem to be the priority here, as the second most popular choice was ‘with mixed (straight & LGBT) families’. According to one of the survey respondents, “we want to feel comfortable ourselves and let our children meet other children from similar families. If that’s not possible, we would rather they be around other children.”

Surprisingly, no major operators cater to this market. This has led to the rise of small, niche companies such as Rainbow Family Holidays who specialise in providing holidays for LGBT parents and their children.

Survey Details
The survey was completely anonymous, and covered gay and lesbian families from the UK, USA and Europe. Respondents were asked 10 questions, most of which had multiple choice answers with just one choice to be made.

About Rainbow Family Holidays
Rainbow Family Holidays is a gay family holiday operator providing packaged holidays for gay dads, lesbian moms and their children. The company plans holidays and book venues for groups of LGBT parents and children. All the venues are child friendly, and all the hosts are gay friendly!




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