DC court rejects gay marriage opponents' referendum bid

Washington - D.C. Superior Court judge Judith Macaluso ruled Thursday that same-sex marriage opponents do not have a right to call for a referendum to determine whether such unions should be legal in the District.

In a 23-page decision granting the Board of Elections and Ethics' motion for summary judgment, Macaluso found that ballot initiatives are indeed subject to the city's Human Right Act, and that the initiative filed by the Stand4Marriage coalition to define marriage as between a man and a woman violates that act.

Despite opponents' plans to appeal, they are running out of time to block same-sex marriages in the District. Congress has begun the required 30-legislative-day review of the same-sex marriage law.

City leaders said that, barring intervention by Congress, marriage licenses will be available to same-sex couples around the first week of March.

Photo: Scubaben


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