New "Arguing Equality" guide promotes understanding of the case for gay marriage

Atlanta, GA, Jan. 25, 2010 /LGBT News - PRWEB/ With the landmark Supreme Court case Perry v. Schwarzenegger receiving heavy media coverage, the battle for gay marriage has been receiving serious media attention. Arguing Equality, a recently released interactive web book by author Seth Woodard Persily, closely examines prominent arguments against gay marriage and offers clearly explained counter-arguments based on logic and law.

Persily presents Arguing Equality as a guide to fully understanding the public and political concerns voiced by those in opposition to same-sex marriage and how such concerns ultimately obstruct basic human rights. Chapter by chapter, the Arguing Equality website sheds light on what many individuals consider the "be-all and end-all" arguments of the gay marriage debate, revealing logical incoherencies, a surprising history of gay marriage across continents and cultures, and contradictions inherent in opposing gay marriage when viewed in light of fundamental freedoms of religion and the separation of church and state. Arguing Equality serves as a thorough guide meant to spread the education, compassion, and reason necessary to attain equality for those affected by current laws and viewpoints opposing gay marriage.

Seth Woodard Persily is a member of the Georgia Bar and a cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School. While at Harvard, Mr. Persily served as Publisher of the Harvard Law Record and co-President of the Lambda Law Association. Mr. Persily obtained his undergraduate degree from Duke University, where he served as President of the Duke Gay, Bisexual & Lesbian Association. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a B.A. in Religion and a minor in Gay & Lesbian Studies. He currently resides in Atlanta, GA, where he serves on the Board of Directors of the gay youth organization YouthPride.

To read Arguing Equality in its entirety please visit


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