Prop. 8 trial: Witness testifies children do fine with gay parents

Children raised by same-sex couples dominated the federal trial over Proposition 8 on Friday as the measure's proponents attacked studies that showed children of lesbians and gays are just as "well-adjusted" as children with opposite sex parents.

"For a significant number of these children, their adjustment would be promoted were their parents able to get married," developmental psychologist Michael Lamb said while undercutting arguments made by sponsors of Proposition 8, the anti-gay marriage ballot measure passed in 2008.

Lamb said there was no evidence that children with gay parents were more likely to become gay themselves or become victims of sexual abuse or incest.

In addition, he said no evidence exists that gays or lesbians were more likely to sexually abuse children.

The defendants' lawyers, who want to uphold Proposition 8, spent nearly four hours cross examining Lamb -- protecting children with so-called "traditional" marriage is a key legal point for the defense.

The trial resumes today, when the court is expected to hear the testimony of William Tam, a controversial Prop 8 proponent who alleged that same-sex marriage advocates also supported the legalization of sex with children.

Bill Ballantyne


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