6th international (Same-sex hand holding) Sshh! Saturday

Jay and Fionn. Photo credit: Claire Nathan

Saturday 27th February 2010

"The more we're out, the less hard being out is"
(David Watkins, Founder, A Day In Hand)

Same-sex hand holding (Sshh): The silent revolution continues to spread throughout the world. Let's make the first Sshh! Saturday this decade truly a global event. We need photos from all over the world. We particularly need photos of same-sex hand holding from Germany, Australia, Brazil, Portugal, Russia, Ireland, South Africa, Spain and Asia. But, wherever you are in the world, go forth and hold hands!

Founder, David Watkins says, "It's a great campaign. It really forces you to question your own attitudes and your attitudes to your loved ones. It's okay to say you're out and proud but can you put that into practice?"

"Another way to support it is just to talk about it as much as possible. We know that not everyone around the world can do it. Opening up debate is the most positive thing."

"Although we now have many rights, being visible can be difficult. You can't legislate for this."

On Saturday 27th February, thousands will come together around the world to hold hands. The aim: for people to live their lives openly, to challenge stereotypes of same-sex love and help create open communities free of fear. Could you do the same?

Read on….it’s simple….


1) Hold hands with someone of the same gender

2) Step outside

3) Live your love

A Day In Hand announces the 6th international Same-sex hand holding (Sshh!) Saturday on February 27th 2010. On this day, same-sex couples and friends all over the world are encouraged to hold hands in public to support the visibility of Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans (LGBT) people. This is a revolutionary way of encouraging and inspiring LGBT people to take responsibility for their equality and live their lives without fear or restraint. Straight people are an important part of our fight. They can take the Elvis Challenge here: http://www.adayinhand.com/news/theelvischallenge.

You'll be in good company. We have Sshh photos from:

Stephen Fry - Literary God
Sandi Toksvig - Comedy Goddess

Cleve Johnson - Harvey Milks right hand man

Boris Johnson - London Mayor

Ken Livingston - Ex-London Mayor

Peter Tatchel - A Grade Activist

4 Poofs and a Piano - BBC 1 band

John Snow - Broadcaster

Michael Cashman - Minister of European Parliament

Ben Bradshaw - Politician

The World

Saturday February 27th

On Saturday February 27th we are asking people to find someone of the same gender, and hold their hand in public. It may be for only 1 min or for the whole day! We would love people to have their photo taken holding hands and upload it to our website by sending to yourstories@adayinhand.com.

How can I get involved with A Day In Hand (ADIH)?

ADIH Chat Forum: http://www.esferacorp.com/en/forums/adayinhand/
ADIH Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=44558452324
ADIH Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/adayinhand
ADIH Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/groups/1046660@N20/

Send your public same-sex hand holding photos with a description to yourstories@adayinhand.com

David Watkins (A Day In Hand founder): info@adayinhand.com

Available for A Day In Hand interviews & feature writing: +44 (0) 7931 461810

What is A Day In Hand?
A Day in Hand heralds a revolutionary way of making the world a more liveable place: a revolution in which anybody, on any day, can be a part of. The campaign is designed to promote equality of respect for people who wish to hold hands with someone of the same gender in public. It launched on May 17th this year and is now featured in over 25 countries worldwide. How? By holding hands we visibly challenge stereotypes and show we love and commit like everyone else. Anybody can take the day in hand. Events like Sshh! Saturdays remind people that each individual has the power to change the cultural zeitgeist. Holding hands with your partner or your friend, where you can, is about being true to yourself and to those you love. A Day In Hand is a project of Schools Out (which works for LGBT equality in education) and works in close collaboration with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans History Month to ensure generations to come understand that LGBT culture is integral to our society.

Source: A Day in Hand


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