Grammy nominated singer, songwriter Chris Bennett pens new song on marriage equality

Marriage equality anthem produced by Grammy nominated singer and songwriter, Chris Bennett.

Santa Monica, CA, February 17, 2010 /LGBT News - PRWEB/ February is often considered the most romantic month of the year and is “Freedom to Marry Month.” With couples gleefully purchasing flowers, candy, cards, and perhaps jewelry, it is only natural to take love and marriage, and everything that comes with it, for granted. However, not all couples have the option to do so.

Segregation in the U.S. is still a barrier for the often overlooked “underclass”: homosexual couples. With debate over the constitutionality of California’s Proposition 8, a proposition that has made gay marriage illegal in California, likely to head to the Supreme Court, many couples, including traditional male and female couples, feel that there may not be much to celebrate this month.

Chris Bennett, a Grammy nominated singer and songwriter and top jazz musician, feels very strongly about the American ideals of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” which many feel are not being extended to gay and lesbian communities.

Bennett was deeply moved by witnessing the gay marriage demonstrations in Los Angeles and by hearing Michael Thurber, co-founder of Marriage Equality, speak, so she decided to write the pro-gay marriage song, “Everybody Has A Right,” which is considered by many to be a gay rights anthem.

Having written the theme song from the hit film Midnight Express, Chris Bennett’s marriage song is nothing short of spectacular. Her passionate belief that America is unique in its love of equality shines through the lyrics in her song, which she teamed together with two-time platinum lyricist, Lisa-Catherine Cohen, to write and produce. To raise awareness about gay marriage, she sings about the commonality of all Americans: that we are all brothers and sisters of the same human race. She hopes that as people of all creeds sing along to the song, they will better understand what is at stake.

The marriage equality movement is very fortunate to have such an accomplished musician become so moved by their cause. Bennett has written for numerous artists, including Tina Turner, Keb Mo, Nina Storey, The Manhattan Transfer, The Three Degrees, Leon Ware, Hiroko Minato, Randy Hall, and many more. In addition to producing Grammy award winning Keb Mo’s album, Rainmaker, she has also been the lead singer of Munich Machine, Giorgio and Chris, Until the End of Time, Less is More, When I think of Christmas, Live in Berlin, Once Upon a Time, Live at the A-Trane, Bennett on Broadway, and Girl Talk.

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