Prop. 8 trial video ban leads filmmakers to re-enact on Internet

The U.S. Supreme Court may have stopped broadcasts of California's same-sex marriage trial, but that has not prevented filmmakers from re-enacting it for the Internet.

Two Los Angeles filmmakers have launched the re-enactment of the trial on YouTube, with the help of transcripts, bloggers and a corps of professional actors.

Jenny Smith

"We want all Americans to have a chance to judge for themselves, based on the evidence that was presented," John Ireland said Monday after the first of 12 scheduled "episodes", each covering a day of the trial, made its Internet debut.

Testimony in the Prop 8 trial ended last week, and closing arguments have been scheduled for next month.

The filmmakers plan to post a new installment every two or three days and hope to finish by late February.

LGBT News will share all 12 episodes with its readers.

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