Queer Rising demands marriage equality

Valentine’s Day weekend to mark escalating fight for marriage equality

New York, Feb. 11, 2010 /LGBT News - Queer Rising/ On Friday, February 12 from 8:00-10:00am, LGBT activist group Queer Rising will lead a crowd of impassioned protestors in a Valentine’s Day action outside the new 24,000 square-foot New York City Marriage Bureau Office (141 Worth Street) to make a powerful statement in support of marriage equality for all LGBT Americans.

This unprecedented protest, compared to marriage equality protests of the past, will significantly raise the stakes, with several components:

  • A gathering of same-sex marriage equality proponents for a press conference and rally in the park opposite the bureau
  • The application – and subsequent rejection – of several same-sex couples hoping to obtain a marriage license inside of the bureau
  • The application – a subsequent approval – of a lesbian and gay man, whom according to New York State law may legally marry each other, for a marriage license
  • An significant act of civil disobedience to rival the lunch-counter sit-ins of the 1960s, in which black Americans asserted their rights of equal treatment by society at large.

“New York City is the home of the Stonewall movement of the late 1960s, the nation’s largest lesbian and gay population and several out, proud elected officials. For the state legislature to deny the LGBT population the right of marriage in New York is comparable to rebuffing a Yankees fan access to Yankee stadium, or visiting priest access to St. Patrick’s Cathedral,” said Spring Super, a spokesperson for Queer Rising. “We want everyone in New York from Mayor Michael Bloomberg to City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to know that LGBT people in their chosen Mecca are not going to let their elected officials to consistently overlook them and forsake their basic rights any longer.”

To participate in the press conference for this event, contact Spring Super. To participate in the action or for more information on the event, please visit Queer Rising on Twitter, Facebook or at www.queerrising.org.

Queer Rising is a grassroots, nonprofit organization that demands queer rights through direct action. Formed in late 2009 as a response to the New York State Legislature’s denial of same-sex marriage to its constituents, Queer Rising was responsible for such acts as crashing a prominent state senator’s private Christmas party, turning it into a public protest, and taking to the streets in demand of equal rights for all during national holidays. Tired of watching the hard-earned dollars filling the coffers of elected officials purporting to support LGBT causes, Queer Rising has vowed to give voice to the movement whether those conversations take place in the halls of public buildings, in the offices of elected officials or on the streets.


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