CNN wants to hear your transgender messages

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People whose gender identity doesn’t match with that assigned to them at birth say they often feel misunderstood and their voices unheard. The CNN documentary “Her Name was Steven” explores these feelings through the story of former city manager Susan Stanton.

If you are transgendered, transsexual or questioning, CNN want to hear from you. The assignment is simple: Put a message that you would like others to know about you on a sign and take a self-portrait holding it up.

If you would like to remain anonymous, that’s ok. You can keep your name private or leave your face out of the photograph. CNN is looking forward to hearing from you.

Assignment guidelines:

- Submit a photo of yourself holding a sign with a message

- Deadline: Friday April 9, 201

- Send it to CNN iReport following this link:

- Don't forget to share your message with us too!

This is a great chance to make your voice heard. Don't miss it!


  1. Jennifer Chavez says

    As A Transsexual woman and a responsible member of society, I have experienced the loss of my civil rights since transitioning! It is imperative that our community come together to support the passage of ENDA, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act that is before Congress now. All of the LGBT community and our allies need to rally to support this bill.

    Mr Alex Fairbanks says


    An Excellent Idea, by opening the forum and perceptions of society it will enable the world to come to understand that sometimes Soul are born into the wrong bodies and thanks to modern medical advances these Biological Mishaps can be corrected.

    I am a Transman and have been lucky enough to have the support of my friends and family, but many people don't have this luxury, so the more acceptable programmes and media outlets like CNN show the positive side to Transgender Issues and raising awareness that people who are transiitoning are just everyday normal people whose souls just happen to live in the wrong body to their Gender/Soul Identity.

    The person never really changes, it is the outward appearance and the chance to express who they truly are throught the transition, and in time enabling a more balanced and happy human being, and isn't that what life is about, achieving happiness for ourselves and others.

    Those who choose to stand in judgment of another persons choice of lifestyle and persona, are really the ones who are most unhappy with their lives and maybe if they opened their hearts and souls to the world around them and saw the variant of colours, shapes and personalities which inhabit this world, then the differences we all share are not so different when you understand the basic principles of life, which is only a Creation of Time

    Alex Fairbanks
    Which is a new site for Transpeople called Frat Bois

    Cheers Alex

    Brad Pitt says

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