Gay marriage legalised in Washington

Photo: Jason Pier

Washington, March 4, 2010 /LGBT News/ Same-sex couples can now legally marry in the Washington, DC. The U.S. capital's new law allowing homosexual couples to marry took effect Wednesday after much controversy.

The gay marriage law had near unanimous support from the DC council but because Washington is a federal district, it had to undergo a Congressional review period, which expired yesterday.

Gay rights advocates hailed the day as a milestone for equal rights and a symbolic victory as same-sex marriage became legal in the nation’s capital.

"The vote was never in doubt," said Peter D. Rosenstein, one of the founders of the Campaign for All DC Families, which supports same-sex marriage. "The issue was when was the time to ring that bell."

The District of Columbia now joins five states - Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont - with a law legalizing same sex marriage.


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