Philadelphia selected to host US Mr. Gay competition in 2010

National contest slated for November 13, 2010

LGBT news, gay news, mr gayPhiladelphia, March 1, 2010 /LGBT News - PRNewswire/ The Noble Beast Foundation, in collaboration with organizers of the Mr. Gay Competition, are thrilled to announce that Philadelphia will serve as host city for the United States National Mr. Gay contest. Foundation President and Mr. Gay Founder, Don Spradlin, will collaborate with Bruce Yelk and, Philadelphia's premier LGBT event promotions company, to coordinate and execute this year's Competition. Scheduled to take place on November 13th, 2010 at Voyeur Nightclub (1221 St. James St), the United States National Mr. Gay Competition is an exciting addition to Philadelphia's calendar of special LGBT events.

Over the last several years, Center City Philadelphia's 'Gayborhood' has been home to the Philadelphia Mr. Gay Competition, which serves as a preliminary to the US Mr. Gay Competition Finale. This year's Philadelphia Mr. Gay contest will take place on Saturday, April 17th, at Voyeur Nightclub.

Due to the way in which the local LGBT community has embraced and supported Philadelphia Mr. Gay over the last several years, in addition to the city's rising profile as an acclaimed destination for LGBT leisure travelers, the Noble Beast Foundation's Board was thrilled to award their contest to the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection. This marks the first time that the United States National Mr. Gay Competition will take place on the east coast.

Mr. Gay United States brings together contestants representing the nation's most prestigious cities, a wide variety of celebrity judges, performers, and hosts, as well as spectators from all around the country. A series of competitive categories and performances will culminate in the naming of the 2011 US Mr. Gay titleholder. The winner of this Competition will go on to compete as the US Delegate to the International Mr. Gay (IMG) Competition Grand Finale. The IMG Competition is the largest and oldest running international contest to select an ambassador or spokesman to support the mission of the sponsoring nonprofit Noble Beast Foundation.

The Mission of the Foundation, explains Spradlin, is to "Advocate International Equal Rights by confirming the essential nature and contributions of gay men to a healthy society where "gay" is not a stereotype. We are especially concerned about the damage done by our society's acceptance of the 'gay stereotype' to define all gay people. We showcase real gay men to show that we are not the 'other'."

"I'm thrilled that the national organizing committee has selected Philadelphia to host the National Mr. Gay Competition," said Bruce Yelk, President of "This is a testament to the support of our local LGBT community, and I'm incredibly excited to help coordinate what's certain to be one of Philadelphia's most innovative special events."

To learn more about Mr. Gay competition and the Noble Beast Foundation, visit As competitors, judges, performers, and hosts are named in the coming months, post will updates and new information on their website. To book your trip to Philadelphia for the 2010 Mr. Gay United States Competition and view the local LGBT visitor's guide, log onto

SOURCE Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation


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