LGBT News collaboration with TOM Consulting, Tom on Tour, and Wien Tourismus ends

Hi evryone,

I know that upon my invitation many LGBT News readers had followed Gayfriendly Vienna's Facebook updates so far.

This is a short note to let all of you know that my work as an editor of the Gayfriendly Vienna page had stopped today due to the bad practices of Thomas Bömkes, the owner of TOM Consulting and Tom on Tour, who had been appointed Gayfriendly Vienna project coordinator by the Wien Tourismus Board.

The lack of communication, future planning and feedback, the refusal to make the agreed payments, the lack of respect for the other one's time and work, and the lack of responsibility of coordinating a project and appointing people in it are just a few reasons for stopping everything here.

I will refrain from going into any other details on this issue.

Thank you all for joining upon my request and following my updates on the Gayfriendly Vienna's page. See you, as always, on the LGBT News page.

Diana Topan

Executive Editor



  1. mark carmichael says

    congratulations for opening up this issue. good to know.

    Anonymous says

    Bravo for saying things openly as they seem to be, it is anyway disappointing to discover it and also he is the loser.. Thank you for sharing and good to know!!

    Gijs Bruggen says

    I'm a gay Dutch man travelling often to Vienna and I thought Wien Tourismus, which is known, is a serious travel company. But I also know LGBT News.

    When a good childhood friend of mine living now in USA urgently needed legal advice in San Francisco, the LGBT News team didn't hesitate to immediately offer all their support, put my friend in contact with the gay rights organizations there, media representatives, a lawyer, and tell her all the legal procedures she needs to follow. All this at no cost, when it was the most needed.

    I am disappointed by reading this notice now. I sometimes used Wien Tourismus advices and their weekend pass, but I don't trust anymore.

    Gay Life Travel says

    And who are Tom on Tour and Tom Consulting? Never heard of them.

    marlene says

    what a shame!

    dan says

    why don't you send out a review to the lgbt travel commission central who would put them on the black list they use to send out to all travel buyer companies requesting it?

    Stela James says

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    Anonymous says

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