Was Superman Gay?

Christopher Reeve Cal Culver gay affair, gay Christopher Reeve, Hollywood Babylon Strikes Again, celebrity sexuality, gay celebrities, Casey DonovanJuly 25, 2010 /LGBT News/ Cal Culver, a gay porn star claimed he had an affair with Superman actor Christopher Reeve.

Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince, the authors of the book Hollywood Babylon Strikes Again! present excerpts from a previously unpublished, anonymous interview with Cal Culver, who allegedly gave up the goods on Reeve during a deathbed meeting in 1987. According to the reputed transcript, Culver and Reeve met in the 1970s while auditioning for the same Broadway role. A torrid two-month affair ensued.

"Christopher was a great lover and I think I liberated him sexually,” Culver told the interviewer. “I didn't think he was gay but he seemed willing to try anything once. He was curious."

In the book, Culver calls Reeve "the man of my dreams" and reveals that Reeve broke off the affair upon discovering Culver’s real-life alter ego was gay porn star Casey Donovan.

Darwin Porter, who co-wrote the book, said: ‘I have no doubt this was legit – I knew Cal for years and at one stage we even lived next to each other. He was a very credible source and all the other stories he has told me checked out.

In 1983, Reeve shocked the world by sharing a passionate on-screen kiss with co-star Michael Caine in the Sidney Lumet-directed film version of the Broadway mystery-thriller Deathtrap. Reeve’s performance earned him a Saturn Awards nomination for Best Actor.

Christopher Reeve had a 12-year marriage with wife Dana, and have a son besides the two sons he had in his previous relationship. Reeve died in 2004 of heart failure, after being paralyzed since 1995.


  1. Estraven says

    If Chris had relationships with men and women, that would make him bisexual, not gay. When they say bisexual men don't exist, this is why; even after a 12-year marriage to one woman and having children by two women (so he obviously functioned sexually with them), one two-month relationship with a man and he's declared gay. No, he's a straight-leaning bisexual.

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