Ford Foundation Seeks Program Officer, LGBT

Summary Description:

The Program Officer will develop and manage a portfolio of grants and other activities related to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (“LGBT”) Rights. While the LGBT movement has made crucial gains in recent years with increased public support for equal treatment under the law, LGBT persons continue to be denied basic rights and protections around the world, from employment discrimination and hate crimes to criminalization and death. Building on prior Foundation work in this area, the initiative will focus on protecting and advancing the civil and human rights of LGBT persons in the U.S. and abroad. The Program Officer, working closely with the Director of Human Rights and the program Vice President, will have the opportunity to more precisely define the goals for this new portfolio.

Informed by significant expertise in LGBT rights issues and advocacy in the U.S., the Program Officer will develop grantmaking strategies encompassing a broad range of approaches, including research, legal and policy advocacy, public education, and grassroots organizing; collaborate with colleagues in the Foundation’s overseas offices to address challenges facing LGBT communities abroad; work to strengthen the participation of diverse voices in the LGBT rights movement; identify opportunities to secure LGBT human rights utilizing international legal instruments; and devise strategies for ensuring that advances in LGBT rights are consolidated and preserved.

The Program Officer will review existing work; formulate grantmaking strategies; identify potential grantees; solicit, review and respond to grant proposals; monitor grants and other developments in the field; and prepare recommendations for Foundation funding. S/he is expected to develop and maintain close working relationships with existing and potential grantees, and with relevant leaders in government and civil society, and to promote coordination and cumulative learning among key stakeholders.

The LGBT Rights initiative is part of the Foundation’s worldwide Human Rights program, which currently includes seven other initiatives in the areas of Racial Justice & Minority Rights, Women’s Rights, Immigrant & Migrant Rights, Civil & Criminal Justice Reform, HIV/AIDS Rights, Economic & Social Rights, and Human Rights Worldwide. Joining a dynamic human rights staff working on a range of issues around the world, the Program Officer will also work closely and in coordination with staff in multiple program areas of the Foundation in New York and overseas, such as staff working in the areas of Sexuality and Reproductive Health and Religion in the Public Sphere.


Substantial professional experience working on LGBT rights issues in the U.S., and knowledge of the international context; experience working with a range of individuals in civil society, government and the private sector; familiarity with utilizing international legal instruments; advanced training in law or public policy, or other relevant field; demonstrated experience working effectively as part of a team and with colleagues of diverse backgrounds and perspectives; fluency in English; and excellent analytical, oral presentation, writing and interpersonal skills. Also desirable are fluency in a second language and familiarity with philanthropy and nonprofit sector issues in the U.S. and developing countries.

Location: New York, USA

Application deadline: 27 September 2010

Please submit inquiries, nominations, and applications (consisting of resume and cover letter) to Ms. Sarah Ashton, Search Consultant.

For more information, visit:


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