'Left Out In America: Legislating Love, Life and LGBT' Reveals Civil Rights Inequalities in America Today

New York, November 2, 2010 /LGBT News/ Star 50 Creative is pleased to announce the release of its documentary, "Left Out In America: Legislating Life, Love and LGBT." Executive Producer Joseph Trotti, Esq. explains, "This short film reveals how the Defense of Marriage Act, a federal law commonly known as DOMA, creates a 'separate but equal' situation in the United States reminiscent of the pre-Civil Rights era. Although the gay community is most affected by the unconstitutionality of DOMA, this is not just a gay issue. Says Joseph Milizio, Producer and LGBT Advocate, "By chipping away at the rights of some Americans, DOMA compromises the rights of all Americans. It's a slippery slope." That's the message that Left Out In America aims to deliver. One of the driving reasons behind the production of this film is to make the public aware of the fact that depending on the political climate, rights can be taken away from any group of people by the President and the Legislature – to encourage the public's active participation in monitoring laws that are unconstitutional and working to get them repealed. The filmmakers are encouraging audiences to take action to repeal DOMA by writing to their federal representatives through http://www.EndDOMA.org.

Left Out In America is the brainchild of Joseph Trotti, a family law attorney who has worked alongside Joseph Milizio on same-sex couple adoptions, civil unions and estates. "When you practice family law," says Mr. Trotti, "you come to understand the struggles and injustices your clients face. With heterosexual couples, you can at least count on equal treatment under the law." Mr. Milizio points out that for same-sex couples, "it is just the opposite because DOMA denies the gay community more than 1,100 federal rights that heterosexual couples automatically enjoy." The experience both Trotti and Milizio have had in their practice was another inspiration for them to make this video. They have seen first hand the damage and harm that has come to individuals because of a law they believe and are prepared to argue, is unconstitutional. To view the documentary, take action or learn more visit EndDOMA.org.

Source: Star 50 Creative


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