Right Out TV Official Launch

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New LGBT Music Video TV Channel streaming 24-7 on the web


Finally a place where the global LGBTQ community can view a constant stream of music videos from “out” artists telling THEIR stories.

Created, Produced and Hosted by dance/pop lesbian duo Marlee Walchuk & Tully Callender of SUGARBEACH.

· All Genres of music for all ages

· Big budget produced videos and organic live performance videos

· Video-on-demand feature

· Interviews with featured artists

· PG rating for youth viewing

· “It Gets Better” campaign PSA’s

As Sugarbeach were creating their own music videos they were not able to find a globally accessible TV station where openly queer artists could easily share their videos in a constant stream of LGBT splendor. So was born RightOut TV.

Hosted by Marlee & Tully with their newly-wed chemistry, RightOut TV can be viewed from the U.S. to Iran through Africa. Audiences can experience some of the world’s top “out” artists gathered together in one place.

Now, maybe more than ever, queer youth need mentors and role models from our community. Here they will see pioneers like Tret Fure (U.S.A.) to newcomers like Jungal (Australia) and be exposed to artists they may not have otherwise come across.

Current Artists Featured

Anna Gutmanis www.annagutmanis.com

Ariel Aparicio www.arielaparicio.com

Armstrong Jr www.myspace.com/armstrongjr

Athena Reich www.athenareich.com

Avi Wisnia www.aviwisnia.com

Dan Manjovi www.danmanjovi.com

Deborah Stewart “it get’s better” PSA www.deborahstewart.com

Eric Himan www.erichiman.com

Grrlz will be Boiz www.grrlzwillbeboiz.com

Jason Walker www.jasonwalkermusic.com

Jeffery Straker www.jeffstraker.com

Jen Foster www.jenfoster.com

Jeremy Gloff jeremygloff.com

Josh Duffy www.joshduffy.com

Josh Zuckerman www.joshzuckerman.com

Julie Schurr www.julieschurr.com

Jungal www.jungalmusic.com

Kate Reid www.katereid.net

Kelly and the Kelly Girls www.kellyclipperton.com

Lovari www.LovariWorld.Com

Mathew Presidente www.matthewpresidente.com

Matt Zarley www.mattzarley.com

Melange Lavonne www.myspace.com/melangelavonne

Mike Rickard www.mikerickard.com

Nancy Laberge www.nancylaberge.com

Nhojj www.nhojj.com

Norine Braun www.norinebraun.com

Rachael Sage www.rachaelsage.com

Robert German www.robertgerman.com

Robert Urban www.roberturban.com

Rosie Burgess Trio www.rosieburgess.com

SONiA & disappear fear www.disappearfear.com

Sugarbeach www.sugarbeachmusic.com

Summer Osborne www.summerosborne.com

Terry Christopher www.TerryChristopher.com

Toni Vere & Hashmagandy www.ToniVere.com

Tret Fure www.tretfure.com

Troy Jackson www.enjoytroyjackson.com


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    Saad Zafar says

    Now, maybe more than ever, queer youth need mentors and role models from our community. Here they will see pioneers like Tret Fure (U.S.A.) to newcomers like Jungal (Australia) and be exposed to artists they may not have otherwise come across.

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