Transgender Fashion Goes Mainstream With Sister House

Austin, Texas, September 27, 2013 /LGBT NewsTasi Zuriack, noted author and fashion blogger in the transgender community announces the opening of Sister House and its accompanying blog, the Fashionable TGWoman. Sister house is based on the unique concept of a house with many rooms with each room being dedicated to some aspect of the life of a transgender woman. 

Joining Tasi, among many, are such well-known personalities as Countessa from Countessa’s Closet, well known  model, fashion designer and entrepreneur, Carollyn Faith Olsen, author of numerous fiction and non-fiction books in the TG community; Fiona Darling, costumer for the Royal National Theater and stylist for Fox TV; and Ashley Bottoms, actress, model, radio personality, activist, and the Founder of Sisters Family, a trans-social organization  in the New England area.

The Grand Opening for Sister House is being celebrated with a “style contest” which reflects both the inner beauty and the outer style of the transgender woman. All transgender women are invited to enter the contest.  
The Family Room is a central gathering place where we can read about and discuss a wide range of transgender-related issues (see Viewpoints) and features such other interesting topics as hypnotism, etiquette, news, and Growing Up as a Girl.

The Dressing Room creates some real excitement as Lori talks about how to put outfits together.  Fiona and Karen give us the latest makeup tips and techniques, and the Savvy Shopper helps you understand the marketing ploys and visual tricks when shopping online, Then Helen, Lisa, and Carollyn talk about fashion and style for the transgender women with real down-to-earth advice that you can use now. We finish this section with some interesting fashion news that you may not have read elsewhere.

The Library is a real compendium of information as you might expect. The How To’s and All About sections have never been compiled together for you in one place before and are must reads. Then, if you enjoy fashion, we have that too and we end with extensive transgender resources. You can spend days here reading.

The Member’s Suite is a special section just for us with a Photo Wall, a Forum, and a Classifieds section.
The Boutique features over 500 items of clothing and accessories from the fabulous and decidedly edgy to many hard to find and Oh! Wow! things along with some great shopping tips and lots of specials.

And Tasi’s blog, the Fashionable TG Woman, brings fashion and style together and relates it to our lives as transgender women.

Lastly. Tasi’s first book, Top Ten Fashion Mistakes by Crossdressers and How To Fix Them talks to our fashion faux pas’ and they usually apply to all women. While written in a humorous style, you soon learn how to become a stylish woman.

So SisterHouse and Tasi’s blog, the Fashionable TGWoman, bring you six rooms of exciting and ever-changing information on fashion and living that you can use in your daily lives as a transgender woman. Subscribe and don’t miss a single exciting article.


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    Alan crew says

    It was really the great opening of the Sister House with a style contest and it's really a great news for transgender personals. Hope it will bring more happiness to them.

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