Stonewall publishes review of ‘best in class’ Workplace Equality Index

Stonewall publishes five year review of Workplace Equality Index
Over 800 employers across Britain have benchmarked using WEI
Review demonstrates new challenges for gay people at work 

November 14, 2013 /LGBT News/ Stonewall publishes a ground-breaking review of its annual Workplace Equality Index which finds it continues to be ‘best in class’. The review confirms that organisations that took part year-on-year see tangible transformations in their workplaces.

The Workplace Equality Index Five Year Review, supported by EY, shows that the Index remains the most effective proven tool in Britain for improving the lives of lesbian, gay and bisexual people at work.

The Workplace Equality Index is the definitive benchmark for employers who want to provide the best possible working environment for their lesbian, gay and bisexual staff. Over 800 organisations have entered Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index over the last ten years from across the private, public and third sectors.

The Five Year Review enables Stonewall, and leading employers in the Workplace Equality Index, to further develop best-practice for gay employees in Britain and around the world. The review sets out detailed plans for how organisations can ensure that equality in the workplace is a continuing commitment and looks at the challenges faced in engaging with harder to reach staff – particularly lesbians and bisexual people and black and minority ethnic gay staff. 

Stonewall’s Deputy Chief Executive Ruth Hunt said: ‘Leading employers from across the country know that improving the working environment for gay employees makes good business sense. They also know that the Workplace Equality Index is the best tool for accelerating and embedding this work. This review will ensure that Stonewall’s Workplace Programme remains the best in class for improving the lives of gay people in the workplace’.

Liz Bingham, Managing Partner for Talent at EY, said: ‘Businesses have evolved their thinking about diversity over the last five years. It’s no longer simply about levelling the playing field and providing equal opportunities. Truly diverse companies recognise, celebrate, and embrace difference. We believe this creates stronger businesses and competitive advantage. Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index sets a benchmark that helps companies to measure their progress and encourages continuous innovation and development’.

The Workplace Equality Index Five Year Review can be found here:

Details of Stonewall’s Workplace Programme can be found here:


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    The Workplace Equality Index is the definitive benchmark for employers who want to provide the best possible working environment for their lesbian, gay and bisexual staff. Over 800 organisations have entered Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index over the last ten years from across the private, public and third sectors.
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