Pilot episode of the series based on real stories about gays was filmed in Russia

Press release

December 27, 2013 /LGBT News/ The pilot episode of Russian series is 21+ age restricted. It is dedicated to LGBT issues and based on real events. The project is dedicated to reflect the realities of a life in Russia, where homosexuals have to deal with rejection of others on a daily basis and literally survive to prove their right to exist.

The project is done by professional actors, who are not related to the LGBT community. Director and screenwriter is Ekaterina Polyanskaya.

Series trailer airs with English subtitles in order to broaden the range of viewers. The series itself is planned to be professionally redubbed in English.

The series does not intend to criticize the Russian government, but intend to destroy or at least shake society stereotypes about homosexuals.

All characters in the series are ordinary people who can be found every day at work, at school or public transport. Gays do not walk around with the "labels" and do not shout about their "differences". They are just trying to stop being the shadows in a society where they do not see the sunlight.

The filmmakers hope that their projects will be "anti-propaganda" of homosexuality. Being gay is not an attempt to follow the fashion. It is a personal tragedy of a human living in the modern world.


There are two parallel stories about a boy and a girl in the center of the series' plot. They live in different parts of the vast country, in small provincial towns. They are of different ages, social status, and their families have different incomes. Despite all the differences, there is something that unites them. It is their sexual orientation, which spoils their relationships with parents, friends and acquaintances. But the most important common ground of both characters is their ability to love. Sincerely and desperately. No matter what. Sometimes this love could cost them their lives and lives of the people who would love them in return.

Confrontation of one "little" person and a crowd, sincere feelings and social stereotypes, love and fear - these are the real issues that have pushed us to make this film.

The catch of this project is in its sincerity. The series script was not made up, not to follow the fashion, not based on logics or the fantasy of the writer.

Each frame of the series is based on the real events. Each character has its prototype in everyday reality. Why the pilot episode is quite tough, but at the same time touching and unpredictable? Just like real life of each and every one of us.

Director's goal was also a desire to show psychological drama in which gays are not seen as a separate category of people, but just like ordinary ones. Their only difference is that society denies them the right to be recognized as "normal". The iron curtain separates not only a single country from the rest of the world, but each of the homosexual from himself.

Philosophical subtext of the series is that the boundaries of consciousness define the boundaries of the world. Thus the false stereotypes that exist in society about gay representation ruined many human lives. So if this film will save at least one life then it served its purpose.

Official website: www.moonlightpeople.com

Official trailer:


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    Director's goal was also a desire to show psychological drama in which gays are not seen as a separate category of people, but just like ordinary ones. Their only difference is that society denies them the right to be recognized as "normal". The iron curtain separates not only a single country from the rest of the world, but each of the homosexual from himself.

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