May 8, 2014 /LGBT News/ Too early to retire? Maybe – but in the meantime what is stopping you making money towards the retirement that You Deserve by becoming a “Grandlord” in the wonderful South of France!?!

A unique once-only opportunity is here for you. Most Continental Europeans prefer to rent rather than own their property - while in the case of people in the US & UK it is the opposite.  At “Le Village-Canal du Midi” there is a big demand from people who are asking to be put on a “waiting list” for yearly rental.  

Our permits allow us to offer a few Villas on a “Guaranteed Rental” program. 7.5% nett PLUS for 10 years. (You can decide to move in at any time – and when you do,  Capital Gains Tax becomes exempt!) US citizens can also own with their IRA.

Still waiting? Find out more about this opportunity! - www.villagesinvest.com

WARNING! Only for those who want more from their golden years than eating out once a month and vacationing away from home once a year on a half-board coach-tour package!


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