From Darkness To Diva: A celebration of being true to yourself

From Darkness To Diva is a new book by Internationally published Australian drag queen author, Skye High. Beyond the stereotypical expectation of glitter and sequins, comes a personal and inspirational journey of overcoming fear, rejection and insecurity. This story isn't solely about a drag-queen, but rather, it's a journey of real life experiences which many of us have faced throughout life, written by a gay man who happens to be a drag-queen. Its a story which is relevant in today's society, regardless of one's own sexuality.

This book was written to bring inspiration and hope to anyone who may need positive affirmation to love the life they live, or for anyone who needs to understand first-hand what it can be like to fight, a sometimes losing battle, for self acceptance. Whoever the reader, it shows that it is possible to overcome extreme adversity and survive those horrendous experiences which seem determined to destroy us.

"A truly inspiring story!" - PFLAG Australia

"It's real. It s honest. It's Skye High's own perilous adventure to discovering and becoming herself. It hasn I been an easy road, but Skye's tale is both compelling and hopeful. We need more empowering stories like this." - Matt Akersten. National Editor,

"In a world where society dictates ‘right' from ‘wrong', a young boy struggles with the pressure of living up to the expectations of others. Desperately seeking acceptance and finding only rejection, he is isolated and on the brink of despair.

There seems to be no escape from the years of relentless school ground bullying and victimization he suffers, which at times, is almost too much to bare. He feels as though his spirit has been crushed, but this young scared boy still harbors a burning desire to break free and be true to himself.

Later in life, a tremendous, gut-wrenching loss would set him on another course, and a journey of true self discovery. Armed with the knowledge of his past experiences, his eyes are opened to a wonderland of pleasures, and through determination and sacrifice, he leaves a life of secrecy and sexual defiance behind him.

Discovering the world of drag, he becomes more of a man than he though he would be, and more of a woman than he though he ever could be. From Darkness To Diva is an empowering tale of overcoming fear and insecurity, with an uplifting message of triumph." 

"Skye’s journey is an intensely personal narrative with an important reminder of the challenges so many have faced, and continue to face, on the road to simply being themselves. This captivating journey will resonate with many different people, for many different reasons." - Daniel Witthaus, author of Beyond Priscilla, Beyond That's So Gay & Founder of the National Institute for Challenging Homophobia Education (NICHE)

From Darkness To Diva is available worldwide through bookstores, online retailers and at
For all media related inquiries, please contact Skye High at


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