Same-sex wedding photo wins 2016 Hasselblad Masters Awards

January 12, 2016 /LGBT News/ Hasselblad just announced the winners of their prestigious Masters Awards.

Selected by a combination of a public vote and a professional Masters Jury - comprising internationally renowned photographers and imaging experts, photographer John Paul Evans won the ‘Wedding’ category with his  same-sex wedding photograph from the series "Till death us do part" that challenges the paradigm of the wedding portrait. 

Wedding: John Paul Evans, UK
For the winning photo Evans posed with his partner, Peter. 

"Till death us do part" is a series of absurd permutations of the wedding portrait. These performative responses to ideas of marriage and domesticity evoke a sense of the uncanny — Freud's idea of the 'homely and un-homely.'

To view all Hasselblad Masters Awards winning images, go to Photos: Hasselblad Masters 2016 Winners gallery. 


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