Leonard-Litz Foundation Launches, Seeks Grant Proposals for LGBTQ+ Programs

December 12, 2020 /LGBT News/ Nonprofit organizations that serve the LGBTQ+ community are encouraged to apply for grant funding through the newly established Leonard-Litz Foundation charitable fund. Special preference will be given to organizations located in the Northeast U.S., as well as to proposals that are specifically targeted to LGBTQ+ communities of color, and transgender and non-gender-conforming individuals.

Easton, Connecticut residents Elliot Leonard and Roger Litz established the Foundation to support a cause they care deeply about—the health and well-being of their fellow members of the LGBTQ+ community. Leonard, a savvy businessman who became a successful entrepreneur after a career in law and real estate development, has long been a volunteer of and donor to LGBTQ+ organizations. He is pleased to be able to dedicate the resources he and Litz have accumulated over the years to give back to the LGBTQ+ community that has given them so much. 

‘I am honored and thrilled to be able to do this for our community,” said Leonard. “This is an opportunity to enrich the lives of others, just as our lives has been enriched, and I hope we can make an impact—now and for generations to come.”  

Litz, a Ph.D. and former veterinarian who enjoyed success across multiple fields, including as an art gallerist and playwright, is deeply committed to his and Leonard’s new endeavor. 

“It’s hard to comprehend the struggles the LGBTQ+ community continues to endure, even today,” said Litz. “With this foundation, we’re looking to help our sisters and brothers who are in need.”

The Leonard-Litz Foundation seeks grant proposals up to $50,000 for programs that address one or more of five focus areas: health and wellness; crisis intervention; racial justice; advocacy and community engagement; and social assistance and programming. Organizations eligible for funding must have confirmed 501(c)(3) nonprofit classification. The Foundation plans to operate two funding cycles per year, and is currently accepting proposals through its website. For more information about the Foundation, including details of the grant proposal guidelines, visit www.leonardlitz.org.


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    I'm regarded and excited to have the option to do this for our local area," said Leonard. "This is a chance to enhance the existences of others, similarly as our lives has been advanced, and I trust we can have an effect—presently and for a long time into the future."

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